It’s exciting whenever the word travelling comes into mind; I mean – who doesn’t love travelling?

            Though taking off may sound appealing to y’all, here are some of my thoughts towards the experience, I wonder if you would do, or even feel the same way as I do?

Stacking pillows up

to request for pillows and stack them up along the wall, so it’s more cozy and comfortable to rest on.


Lack of appetite
not in a mood for appetite, but still decides to take the meal that are included during the flight (I’ll have to admit I’m a glutton at this point! haha)

Limitations on entertainments
It’s always annoying when our favourite TV shows are currently unavailable to stream, like why?

always move around to fix the seat or to flick through the purse and realize you’ve been doing all for nothing hahaha

Too much caffeine
having too much caffeine before catching the flight and turns out too energetic that you couldn’t get any sleep at all…

Perfect sleeping position?
it’s always difficult to find the perfect position for some rest, isn’t it?

Sitting next to the windows
sitting next to the windows are often everyone’s first preference; but it is quite irritating as you may not be bothered to move in and out of the row while the others are resting. Somehow I wish aircraft rows were wider so that I don’t have to annoy my neighbours too much.

Reading lights
feeling guilty when you’re the only one having the reading light on when the rest of the lights are dimmed.

An hour before arrival
majority of the passengers are ready to land and yet some are prepping with their updates to social medias once landed.

            Let me know if the feelings are mutual!

            Till next time, cheers xo


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